Thrill Seeking Adventures

Thrill Seeking Adventures

High Adrenaline Activities

Looking for something that will get your adrenaline pumping? There are more than enough opportunities that provide the outdoor enthusiast with almost everything he or she needs to explore the natural wonderland of the Byway region all year long.

One activity for thrill seekers is hiking the infamous Knife Edge on Mount Katahdin, no doubt one of the most high adrenaline adventures in Maine. A portion of the trail is only 3 feet wide, and this hike with an elevation of approximately 5000 feet and extraordinarily steep drop-offs on both sides, has been described as a “1.1-mile rock scramble”.

For those who would rather be in fast moving water than on a high elevation hike, the Penobscot River offers unforgettable and thrilling whitewater rafting runs with ten-foot waterfalls, powerful holes, surfing and white-knuckle rides. A number of companies offer rafters excursions that include Class III to Class V rapids, with adrenaline rushes and spectacular scenery at every turn.

And if rafting or extreme hiking isn’t enough, other area high impact adventures to try include skydiving, mountain climbing, winter camping, ski mountaineering, or alpine climbing.

New England Outdoor Center, Three Rivers White Waters …




Maine Whitewater rafting trips on the Penobscot offer exhilarating rapids and breathtaking scenery.  Our trips are designed to maximize both of these experiences whether you want adrenaline pumping class V’s or to relax and enjoy our family floats and soft adventure options.

Local resources:

New England Outdoor Center

Northern Outdoors

North Country Rivers

Penobscot Adventures

Three Rivers Whitewaters

Jump and Raft - Skydiving in Maine


What could be better than jumping 11,000 feet from an airplane right above the spectacular Katahdin. A tandem instructor will be there to back you up through all phases of your skydive.

Local resources:

Katahdin Area Snowmobile and ATV Trails


The Katahdin region offers spectacular trails and scenery for snowmobilers from late December well into March. Local folks and clubs take pride in grooming and fixing every year hundreds of miles of trails in the area.

Local resources:

East Branch Snow Rovers

Molunkus Valley Sno-Drifters

Northern Timber Cruisers

Rockabema Snow Rangers

5 Lakes Lodge

Jo Mary Riders Snowmobile Club


Sledding in the Katahdin RegionSledding in the Katahdin Region


Professionally guided, hands-on “Drive your own Sled” dogsled tours in the spectacular winter wilderness of Northern Maine’s “Katahdin” country!

Local resources:

Hiking Appalachian Trail


Katahdin, the crown jewel of Maine’s Baxter State Park offers a variety of hikes from moderate to extremely difficult. Whether you attempt to hike the perilous knife edge or the rocky steep climb to Chimney Pond, you will be rewarded by amazing vistas along the way.

Local resources:

Baxter State Park

ATV Katahdin Region (Photograph: Thierry Bonneville)


The Katahdin region offers an amazing network of ATV trails. Trails include multi-use and multi-use rail trails through scenic recreation and wildlife areas.

Local resources:

Molunkus Valley Sno-Drifters

Northern Timber Cruisers

Katahdin Valley Wheelers ATV Club

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